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Things you always wanted to know,
but were afraid to ask

I think I have always been a designer. When I was six years old and in primary school I drew logos of my name on everything, my father said I had an identity crisis. A classmate once saw my notebook and asked me why she couldn't draw such nice letters, up until then I thought everyone could do that, apparently that is not the case...

Skip forward a few years. When I was 15 I tried to remake logos of well known brands in CorelDRAW, this software came free with every computer. Finding the right font was a challenge. I printed my designs on the dot-matrix-printer.

At university things became more sophisticated. Next to a lot of design theory I got to know the Adobe Suite which is the industry standard (for some reason). Industrial design is mostly three-dimensional, so I also learned 3D design tools such as SolidWorks.

I became interested in interface design, which is also graphic design but with the extra dimension of interactivity. This makes it even more interesting.

In my first real job I was a packaging designer, so I did a lot of sketching of 3D shapes. But I enjoyed the graphic design of the label as well.

I still draw a lot, I like to start a design on paper, but it quickly moves to the digital domain. I am a Adobe Illustrator envangelist, I have converted colleagues who were troubled by pixel-persuasion. The liberation that vectors offer must not be underestimated.

If you want more details about me you can download my curriculum vitae below.

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